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Fraser Finished 2013 as No. 4 Akita!

December 31, 2013

According to Chronicle Statistics, Fraser finished up the year of 2013 (shown for only 6 months) at #4 All breed and #7 Breed.


Thank all the fans, our dedicated handlers and mentors for the support! And congratulations to all other top Akitas!


We are looking forward to the year of 2014 for this amazing boy!

Fraser Took Select Dog @ Eukanuba National Championship!

December 13, 2013

Fraser took SD (Select Dog) after the currently ranked #1. Akita male, Trader. He also took BOS and SD earlier that week at the shows in conjunction with Eukanuba in Orlando, FL.

Dream Becomes a Grand Champion!

September 30, 2013

Amazing Dream received her GCH title with limited showing for two months!


She's frustrated that she couldn't be shown at National because she completely blew her coat. She's looking forward to be back to the show ring kick some butts (Fraser) in the near future.

Team Fraser Reunion @ National

September 27, 2013

Team Fraser reunited @ National in Denver! Fraser was over the moon seeing his family from UK! His tail got a little tired after wagging all week......


Dream, on the other hand, was blowing coat big time so not shown at all. She was cheering on for Fraser while resting in the hotel room.

Fraser Received AOM 1st @ Pre-national

October 01, 2013

Fraser joined other beautiful Akitas in Denver for the National. He was placed the 1st AOM at Pre-national. Many thanks to our superior handler, Susie Olivera, for her beautiful handling.


Also, we would like to thank the Redwitch team: Dave & Jenny Killilea and Arlene Clure, for their help with grooming and everything!


In the meantime, unfortunately Dream wasn't shown at all because she's blowing coat big time....

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