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Never Settle

As a breeder and owner handler, we have learned to never settle. Never settle for a few champions, or top dogs on the ranking chart. Never settle for those wonderful wins and fancy ribbons on the walls. Always stay open minded and actively seek ways to improve and excel in everything we do. 

With that in mind, we have found business opportunities that allow us to be connected to the dog world on a different level. Time to give back!


We are committed to promoting only the products we have faith in. From the top of line grooming supplies (PurePaws), wonderful show dog publication (Akita Annual), to our favorite kennel supplies (Kurando Dog Bed), etc.



By implementing the powerful cloud-based database platform, Airtable, we provide custom solution to manage information and streamline business workflow for breeders, Pro handlers, kennel clubs and dog owners, etc. 

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