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Treasured Companion

"We have a companion pup from Aces Up, and Gunner is now 3. He has been fantastic with our other small dogs(4) and guests.He is loyal, attentive, and can be all business-but never abusive or destructive. I have had large breed dogs for my entire life (73) and never had a better balanced dog-a blessing indeed."

- David H

We believe our Akitas are family companions first and foremost. We bring them into this world so that they will enjoy a wonderful life with their family and put smiles on their faces everyday!


To ensure our Akitas go to a great home that is also a good fit, all the potential puppy buyers must go through a well-designed process for pre-screening followed by phone interviews and/or on-site interviews. Based on all the information we have gathered, we will decide if we have a great match for the particular candidate owner. Happy owner, happy dog!


We are very proud to say that NONE of our Akitas have been given away or dropped off at shelters so far. We feel very fortunate to have found some amazing homes for our Akitas and become part of their family!

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