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The Boy Magic

If you are interested in using one of our stud dogs for your bitch, please gather the registration (AKC or foreign) and health clearance (i.e., OFA eyes/hips or equivalent, etc.) information of your bitch and fill out the Stud Service Request. You will be contacted shortly via email. 

The prices of our stud services range from $2,000 to $2,500 (not including shipping & handling). The following three options are available upon request:

  1. fresh semen (AI/TCI)

  2. fresh chilled semen (TCI/Surgical)

  3. frozen semen (TCI/Surgical)

All of the above come with a semen analysis report that verifies the quality of the semen by a licensed reproductive vet. Our primary reproductive vet is the world renowned Dr. Greg Burns from Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado. So far we have seen a success rate of over 85% (TCI/Surgical) using fresh, fresh chilled and frozen semen with our own bitches and bitches from our clients' (mainly overseas).

Once the registration and health clearance information are verified, we will discuss with you regarding a suitable stud. If we both feel like this may be a great match, a Stud Service Contract will be drawn and reviewed.

Tell us what you are looking to improve your bitch and we will try to find you a suitable stud. Your personal information in the stud request will be kept confidential.

Discuss & Review Contract

Our stud service comes with a professionally written contract. It aims to clarify the responsibilities and protect the rights of both Breeder and Stud Owner.

Sign Contract

The contract will be signed and an invoice will be sent to the buyer. It includes information on the itemized charges and suggested payment method.

Arrange Semen Collection & Shipping

Depending on the breeding method you prefer, we will ensure quality semen verified by a licensed reproductive vet is delivered in a timely manner.

Stud Service Guarantee

We guarantee two live puppies will be born as a result of the breeding except for frozen semen. A free repeat breeding will be offered if otherwise. 

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