Aces-Up She Will Lift You Higher Than The Clouds
WB _ Sun Maid KC 2022
Sativa @ 15 Months
Sativa @ 15 Months
Sativa @ 15 Months
Sativa @ 5 Months
Sativa @ 7 Weeks
Sativa @ 7 Weeks

Sora is a daughter of our favorite Fraser son, Tien (BISS GCH Aces-Up Live and Let Die) & our precious linebred Raja daughter, Saffron (Aces-Up Regalia's Secret Spice). She is the pick bitch and 2nd pick of this litter.


The idea behind this breeding was extending one of the finest Regalia's dam lines into Aces-Up breeding program for the 1st generation of our Redwitch outcross. This approach allows a moderate cross between the Regalia and Redwitch strains within our foundation while keeping the strength in the dam line.

Like her brother, Quinn, Sora shined the minute she entered the ring! First weekend out, she took two Winners Bitch out of 3. Sora lives in San Jose with her loving family, Mark and Kristen. Showing is just a hobby while being the perfect family pet is what she is known for!

DOB: 05/22/2019   

Health: N/a


Career Highlights & Titles:

Winners Bitch @ Sun Maid Kennel Club of Fresno II, Fresno CA​

Winners Bitch @ Sun Maid Kennel Club of Fresno I, Fresno CA​