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We found “Aces Up Akitas” online after losing our 2nd Akita female of 8 years.  Broken hearted, we searched Akita rescues, but none were available close. “Aces Up” turned up in  internet searches.  They had an extensive questionnaire and within hours of completing the questionnaire, Wenny emailed us back with what she considered may be a “perfect fit”. 


Sure enough, we had been thinking of another female, but upon reading our story and the questionnaire, “Sniper” truly fit our needs. She then forwarded his “baby” pictures and some video of him playing outside.   We wanted a companion, not a puppy, gentle natured and “voila” we cannot imagine our lives without him!  He’s so sweet, good mannered and so loving.  It’s like he filled in right where our “daisy” left off. 


Wenny and Michael have been so supportive with messages, phone calls and great advice that we never had before. They truly do have the “gentle” bloodlines.  The early training and love for him from ACES UP are VERY evident.   We admire him every day…he’s so beautiful, sometime we have to remind ourselves he is “REAL”.  He’s already into what we do…. hiking, the woods, camping, and family.  He’s also great with our cats, which has been a real bonus, they too don’t believe he’s real!

Judy O'L

Santa Clara, NM

I have wanted an Akita since the first time I saw one over twenty years ago. The Akita is strikingly beautiful, regal and loving.  I did not try to get one earlier in my life due to employment and family circumstances.  I didn't think it would be fair to the Akita.  I'm married and our son is now a teenager.  Our schedules are more flexible than earlier in our lives.  I have done a significant amount of research (books, internet, articles, etc...) on the Akita.  I weighed all of the positives and negatives of having an Akita as a companion pet.  In my mind there was no other choice for me but the Akita.  


Once I made the decision that I was going to get an Akita, I looked at the breeders listed on the Akita Club of America (ACA) website.  I looked at other Akita breeders as well. I spent a lot of time looking at the ACA breeders' websites. That's when I first noticed Aces-Up Akitas. Their website was far better and up to date than others that I looked at. It was very well put together and contained a lot of helpful information. Their dogs were beautiful and I was really impressed. So I filled out the puppy application online. Wenny and I talked on the phone about Akitas and the possibility of me obtaining one. I was instantly comfortable with Wenny. Her knowledge and love of Akitas was apparent. I hesitated on my decision due to Aces-Up being thirty hours from my home. I continued to do research, fill out applications and talk to breeders.  There were Akita breeders significantly closer to my home. I’ve talked to or emailed several breeders in my Akita search. Some of the breeders were great. However, some of them didn't return emails or seem interested. Wenny was always available to talk about Akitas or answer any questions.  


Months later, Wenny texted me pictures of a puppy, Bono, who became available. Needless to say, Bono was beautiful. After some discussions with the family, we came to the decision to add Bono to our family. I spoke with Wenny and let her know of our decision.  Wenny and I agreed that it would be best if I drove to pick Bono up. That way Wenny could meet me to make sure Bono and I were a good fit. Even though the trip would be a total of sixty hours on the road, I knew that I wanted to add Bono to our family.  People always ask me why I drove all the way out there especially when there were breeders a lot closer. The answer is Wenny...and her beautiful dogs. I just felt comfortable and knew I was making the right decision with her.    


Wenny and Michael (Bono's buddy) had Bono for five months when I picked him up. Wenny and I washed and groomed Bono. I think that helped my bonding process with Bono. During the journey to my home, Bono was exceptional. He stayed in the crate and did not have an accident the entire time.  We obviously stopped a lot so he could go to the bathroom and stretch his legs. So the journey took a lot longer coming back than it did going to New Mexico.  


When I finally arrived at my house, Bono did want to get out of the crate to meet my family.  It was all new to him and a very long journey. I finally got him out of the car and after a long time outside, he didn't want to go into the house.  I texted Wenny and she and Michael were extremely helpful. Bono was leery of people first and it took a little while for him to get used to everything. My son spent a lot of time with Bono and they are great buddies. Bono was crate and house trained from when I picked him up. Bono has a great demeanor.  He allows me to open his mouth to get something out if I have to. He also tolerates the grooming and nail clipping.      


Bono got a little sick (upset stomach) a couple days after we got back. I think it was a combination of new surroundings (environment), lots of treats, deer poop (ugh), etc.. Wenny was constantly in contact with me to make sure Bono was alright and provided a lot of assistance and encouragement. Wenny has been there every step of the way.  Bono was fine after a couple days of a bland diet. Bono has had great vet visits. I also had his knees checked when I was getting pet insurance and the vet stated his knees were good. Wenny has always been accessible for questions and advice.  All of the financial transactions (original purchase, food, grooming accessories, etc...) between us have been quick and seamless. 


Bono has never shown aggressive to people or animals. I have taken him everywhere and he has met hundreds of people and a lot of animals and he has been excellent. Sometimes, people can't believe he is a puppy because he is so well behaved.  Most people stop me to say how beautiful Bono is and they think he is a show dog. Don't get me wrong he will act like a puppy on occasion and get into things.     


This is the first dog that my family has ever had.  I have texted Wenny for advice, ordering food, sending pictures of Bono, etc... Despite the time difference she has always gotten back to me in an extremely timely manner. 


Adding an Akita to your family is a huge decision. I could not have made a better choice than to get an Akita from Aces-Up Akitas. I would like to thank Wenny and Michael so much for trusting us with Bono.    


Easton, PA

There aren’t words to describe the love and joy I feel for my beautiful, sweet, gentle Sterling whom we adopted from Aces-Up Akitas! My kids begged me for a dog for over 20 years and it wasn’t until I met Hiro, another Aces-Up pup that I relented. Although I researched and corresponded with several different breeders, it only took one phone call with Dr. Wenny Bauman for me to know that I wanted an Aces-Up pup.  Wenny and Michael’s knowledge, devotion, and dedication to this breed is reflected in their amazing work and the care they put into each and every placement of their pups. 


Although there were several other families wanting to adopt Sterling, Wenny and Michael made the decision to let us have her keeping Sterling and Hiro (sister and brother) in the same town with family friends. Although they grow up in different households, Sterling and Hiro see each other for play dates every month and have a bond that can never be broken. Not only did we adopt a new family member, we gained an entire extended family in Wenny and Michael! They are always available, helpful, and supportive when we have questions or concerns. Proud to be a member of the Aces-Up family!

Jennifer H

Dublin, CA

Words cannot explain how amazing Dr. Wenny is. I knew from the moment that I reached out to her that I was going to find the perfect companion dog and embark on a life-long journey with Aces-Up.

Our little girl, Pryna, who we picked out from this year’s litter at 9 weeks old, has been an absolute dream come true. She is so incredibly sweet, has such a wonderful temperament, and is beautiful beyond words, Fast forward to a few months later, it seems as if those traits have only amplified! 

I knew I had made the right decision choosing Aces-Up Akitas from the moment I spoke with Dr. Wenny over the phone. She is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her pups as well as their forever family. It is so incredibly important for folks to realize that choosing the right breeder makes a world of a difference when it comes to finding a world-class pup. I could not be happier to be a part of the Aces-Up family.

Catherine P

Phoenix, AZ

Aces-Up, BEST you can get. I have had 11 Akitas in the last 50 years. The first one from Japan, and have had them from many different breeders. Last year when my male Akita lost his playmate, I went on searching again. Checked out adoptions, shelters, many breeders, and finally got hold of Aces-Up. 

After many conversations with Wenny via texts, emails, and phone calls, she has found us the perfect girl! We couldn't ask for better help in all aspects of the process of purchasing, shipping, etc. We now have had the girl for 5 months and she fit right in from day one! 

The Akitas from Aces-Up are gentle, loving, intelligent, and "easy keepers". And Wenny is a remarkable person to raise a fantastic breed and to figure out the match for people and their needs.

If you are looking for a companion with the right temperament and personality, get hold of Aces-Up!

Alan S

Vestal, NY

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