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Lovely longcoat

Long coated Akitas are believed to be a throw back to a now extinct dog called a Karafutu dog which was introduced into Akita bloodlines many years ago by the Japanese breeders.


Since such coat variety is considered a fault (not disqualification) unfortunately in AKC conformation competition, long coated Akitas are rarely seen in the show ring or recognized by the general public. However, coat varieties (short, long, wire, smooth, etc.) of some purebred breeds are shown in those varieties such as Collies, St. Bernards, Retrievers, and so on.


In order to breed and maintain outstanding quality of the coat, many breeders tend to keep the long coat gene in their breeding programs. That occasionally produces stunning long coated puppies. Compared with the short coated, they usually have slightly heavier bones, are more eager to please, and are famous for their extrodinarily kind and loving disposition. This make them perfect family companions, not to mention their rarely beautiful appearance admired by everyone who sees them.

"Riddick just so happens to be my very first akita who is also a long coat,  and with great fur comes great responsability.


Riddick has been in my home for over a week now nose to nose with our other dogs playing and enjoying our backyard, but even though his fur has decided to have its own mission on cleaning the yard of all foxtails, brushing them out isn't really a chore it's actually quite fun!  Riddick usually falls asleep while I brush him which is completely adorable and I enjoy softening him up! I just recently had to rinse him from dirty paws which was also easy he doesn't struggle with me at all when I'm cleaning him up, he is certainly a gentle dog. Another thing I love about his long coat is how soft and warm it gets.  It's perfect for everyone who wants to pet soft fur and who wants to snuggle close to him. I brush Riddick every day which pretty much stops unwanted shedding allowing me to have some free time without constantly keeping the house up.


I love my long coat Akita and I couldn't ask for a better companion; who is above and beyond well behaved!"


- By Samantha, CA 2015 -

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