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Hello World, A Special Baby Girl!

We are so thrilled to welcome a new member out of our beautiful Indica (GCH/OHBISS Aces-Up She Will Take You To A Special Place) and the exceptional young boy, Josh (GCH Big Benz Beyond The Edge).


Josh is the pick boy out of the 2021 National Specialty BOB winner, BeBe and 2021 National Specialty BOS winner, Buster. His sister, Mirage, just won BOB at the National Specialty 2023. 


Welcome Fraser & Rain Girls!

5 years after our last Fraser litter, we are so thrilled to welcome two beautiful Fraser (BIS/MBISS/MOHBIS GCHG Redwitch Adreneline Junkie) daughters into the world. They are out of one of our favorite girls and Storm’s mini-me: Rain (Aces-Up Waiting For A Girl Like You).

This is a linebreeding to one of our very favorites: JC (UKCH Redwitch Feel Free to Stare).


Father-Son Rocked at RMAC Specialties!

Among a large entry with 12 specials including 3 of the Top 5 Akitas and 5 BISS winners, our father-son team did us proud at the Rocky Mountain Akita Club Specialty week in Greeley, CO! 

Quinn became our 4th BISS winner and Tien took Select Dog. They also were awarded multiple Select Dog and a Best of Opposite Sex at the following 3 all breed shows! Words cannot describe how proud we are of these fantastic boy!


Shined at OKC Cluster: Crimson

Turning 14 months, our beautiful Rumba & Tien daughter, Crimson (Aces-Up I'm Not Shy with Kyodai) was shown only 2 days out of 5 days at the iconic Summer Classic Cluster in OKC.


From a large and excellent lineup, Crimson took Winners Bitch with a 4 point major owner handled all the way. This is her 2nd major and she's half way through her championship!


Breakthrough: Skin & Coat Study

In the past 18 months, we have focused on learning from the experts at Iv San Bernard USA to become an expert in skin and coat.

Not only passing the Module I course that covers extensive topics in skin and coat, we have developed and perfected our bathing routines for our Akitas for both show preparation and long term health. "Science, Products, and Techniques." - Dr. Favor at Iv San Bernard USA


Introducing 2nd Keeper of Rumba & Tien

Introducing our 2nd keeper out of the Rumba & Tien litter, Amaze! Unlike her sister Crimson who shined in the ring at 7 months of age in Orlando, Amaze has matured slowly physically and mentally. In order to bring the very best out of her, we decided she can take as much time as she needs while continuously working with her. Love this girl!

HOT Specialty OHBISS AOM.jpeg

2nd Year Back to Back OHBISS!

The Fort Worth specialties have always been known as a tough field to compete. We are so proud that Tien (BISS/OHBISS GCHB Aces-Up Live and Let Die AOM) came out to play after a long break and brought home back to back OHBISS and AOM among a large and beautiful entry.

He's our 6th OHBISS winner at Aces-Up.

rumba crufts bob 2023.jpeg

Crufts Loves Rumba!

Our Spanish princess, Rumba (BISS GCH Kyodai Only For Braves), went back home in Spain after the successful Orlando weekend in Dec 2022. Since then, she and her breeder were busy preparing for Crufts. We are so proud of this incredible team winning Best of Breed at Crufts second time!

As her American family, we wish her and her breeder best of luck for everything!


New Champion: Sora

Welcome our newest champion and Best of Breed winner, Sora! 

Sora is Quinn's sister out of our beloved Saffron and Tien litter. A proud Fraser and Raja granddaughter. She finished her championship in 3 weekends of showing! On the third weekend, she not only won BOW all three shows but also beat 4 specials for BOB with 5 point major twice!

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