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GCH Regalia's Field Artillery
Caisson @ 4 Years
Caisson @ 5 Years
Caisson @ 5 Years

There has been always a special place in our heart for the Regalia studs. Over the years, our great friend, Carol Laubscher, has bred some of the finest studs in the breed history. From Regalia's Mountain Man, Regalia's Darq Wolf, Regalia's Loaded for Bear, Regalia's Fyrestone, and so on.


We finally have got our wish. Carol decided to allow us to have one of the finest males, Caisson. When we first met him at Carol's, he was still a young promising male and we totally adored him. When we saw him the second time, he was three years old and ready to impress the world! We have waited a year until he became available. 


In addition to his stunning type, sound movement and mind, Caisson is also an exceptional sweet and gentle boy who loves good company. Not to mention he already produced a couple wonderful litters.


We are looking forward to showing him off in the ring and have some amazing breeding planned with him!

DOB: 12/23/2012    

Health: OFA Eyes/Normal OFA Hips/Good OFA Elbow/Normal OFA PATEllar/normal


Career Highlights & Titles:

SDs (w/ GCH points) @ Rio Grande Kennel Club, Albuquerque, NM

SD & BOS (w/ GCH points) @ Coronado Kennel Club, Albuquerque, NM

SD (w/ GCH point) @ Land of Enchantment Akita Club, Albuquerque, NM


BOB (w/ GCH point) & SD @ Serge De Cristo KC, Albuquerque, NM

BOB (w/GCH point) @ Claremoe KC of Tulsa, Claremore, OK

SDs (w/ GCH point) @ Mid-Continent KC Show, Claremore, OK

BOS (w/GCH point) @ Mid-Del-Tinker KC Show, Claremore, OK

SD (w/GCH point) @ Claremore KC of Tulsa, Claremore, OK


Grand Maturity Winner @ Akita National Specialty

Multiple Best of Breed Winner
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