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Regalia's Son of The Mountain Man
Creed @ 23 Months
Creed @ 23 Months

When our great friend, Carol Laubscher of Regalia Akitas called us on the phone and said her last Timber seman (CH Regalia's Mountain Man) resulted in a successful litter of two awesome boys, we were over the moon! Timber is one of our all time favorite males and he is all MALE! Size, bone, substance, headpiece, soundness, temperament, he got it all. Patient Carol waited for a long time for a suitable bitch to come along for her very last piece of Timber. And we are so so lucky to have part of him, Creed!


One word for Creed, massive. Since he was a baby, he was so big and tall, everything was big on him. He was quite leggy for a very long time and we were not able to take good pictures of him until he's almost two years old. At 23 months of age, Creed is measured over 28 inches at the wither and just began to fill out!


We are looking forward to seeing our awesome Creed continuing to mature and showing him off in the ring in the near future!

DOB: 11/02/2015    

Health: OFA PreLim Eyes/Normal ofa Hips/Good ofa Elbow/normal


Career Highlights & Titles:

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