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Dog World Streamlined

custom database solution to manage information that drivers better decision making, and streamline business workflow for breeders, Pro handlers, kennel clubs and dog owners.
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Services & Pricing

Initial Contact: Free (maximum 30 min)

The initial contact and discussion ​on the client's goals are free. 

Dog Owner Kit: Free Download

This kit allows you to make smart plans for showing to achieve your goals. 

  • Registration & certificates

  • Medical history

  • Medication record

  • Feeding chart

  • Showing planner (multiple collaborators)
  • ......

Dog Owner Kit
Breeder Kit: Free Download

This kit allows you to manage and transform your breeding related data into information that drives better decision making in breeding and customer relations with the dog owners. It also makes your daily life much more efficient and less stressful.

  • Registration & certificates

  • Medical history

  • Medication record

  • Feeding chart

  • Showing planner (multiple collaborators)

  • Bitch cycles tracker

  • Whelping record

  • Semen collection & evaluation record

  • Litter weight & medical record

  • Puppy early stimulating worksheet

  • Litter evaluation worksheet

  • Puppy applicants tracker (integrated in your website or email system)

  • Breeder's logbook (multiple collaborators)

  • ......

Handler Kit: Free Download

This kit allows you to communicate with your clients or potential clients efficiently. It also allows you to share the dog's maintenance and performance with his/her owners easily through an automated process.

  • Handling service request tracker (integrated in your website or email system)

  • Client dog registration & certificates

  • Client dog medical record

  • Client dog medication record

  • Client dog feeding record

  • Showing planner Pro (multiple collaborators)

  • ......

Kennel Club Kit: Free Download

This kit allows the board members and show committee to efficiently work with each other setting up shows and events. It also keep the membership and club development information organized. 

  • Kennel club membership record (integrated in your website or email system)

  • Kennel club show planner (multiple collaborators)

  • Kennel club member surveys

  • ......


Customer Support & Training: $20/session (up to 30 min)

Custom Solutions: Project Based Fees

A free consultation will be offered to discuss possible custom solutions to your unique needs and challenges that may require integrating of other apps, coding, and API development. The consulting fees will be estimated and a plan will be made to ensure a timely delivery of the solution  and excellent customer experience. 

5 Key Stages of Our Consulting Services

Entry / On-boarding Phase

Through initial discussion with our client, we try to set up clear expectations from both parties. 

Discovery Phase

We now need to dive deep and figure out what the unique challenges are for the client. This often comes in the form of client survey that helps us understand the current workflow and how the information is managed. While this can be one of the most time-consuming processes, it allows us to develop ideas and proceed to the analysis phase.

Analysis & Solution Phase

We will make the information speak by generating solutions and answers to the business problems. This requires both dedicated analysis as well as innovative thinking. The client will be kept updated with relevant information and checkpoints. In addition, we will start preparing for the recommendation phase by creating charts, compiling proper documentation.

Recommendation Phase

We will present our solution and all the logics behind it. For instance, the solution to managing all the breeding related data (i.e., bitch cycle tracking, whelping record, litter weight & medical charts) through several tables that can be cross-referenced to each other.

Implementation Phase

We will set up an account for the client on the cloud-based database platform, Airtable. All the tables will be created and tested under this particular account. We will set up online meeting with the client for basic training.

Expanding the Client Account Phase (Optional)

If the client engagement was successful and we maintain a strong working relationship with the client, then there may be an opportunity for follow-on work. For example, the client may ask us to help with additional challenge areas.

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