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10 Things All Breeders should Keep in Mind. - By Juha Kares

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

This is what I have learned in my 35 years as a breeder/owner of 529 Champions:

  1. Remember it should always be about dogs only. Do not let personal things and relations come between you and best possible breeding.

  2. Make sure the money keeps running from somewhere so you can have and breed dogs. Do remember your limits.

  3. Keep your eyes wide open and do not be more critical to other people/line/dogs/puppies as to your own.

  4. There is nothing so important in breeding than a strong, vital, outgoing and top bitch line. Everyone can use a top stud dog but only the best have the best bitches to reproduce.

  5. Remember that about every second dog/import or bitch you get with high hopes will end up as a pet and most likely is not worth breeding.

  6. Every breeder should have a mentor or trustworthy loyal friend to talk about every breeding and future plans.

  7. Remember to keep the very best for yourself.

  8. Help and share that best with the ones with passion and do that specially with ambitious beginners. There will be a day. You get something back and you need to build up networks.

  9. Get use to knives in your back. Do not get bitter but move on.

  10. As you get to sleep. See that you can fell asleep easily knowing all is well. Your dogs, friends and people around you are treated as they should. You feel good and love to be a breeder.

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