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Dog World Streamlined

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

As a breeder-owner-handler, I always feel like overwhelmed by my hectic schedule between daily care of our Akitas, breeding & puppy care, show planning & preparation, digital marketing, customer relations management, and constant learning. It is true that modern breeders have to wear many hats to succeed in both breeding and showing.

As an engineer, I was trained to think logically and improve the existing systems with creativity and innovation. Therefore, I began to look for a smart cloud-based app a year ago that may help streamline my multidimensional database, improve and automated the workflows. It turns out Airtable is exactly what I was looking for. Even better, it was built from ground up to support effortless collaboration that facilitates the communications and teamwork with our co-breeders, co-owners, and handlers.

Please visit our website at for free download information, and details of our consulting services.

"Dog World Streamlined", Akita Annual 2021

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