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  • Juha Kares

Keep It Simple. - By Juha Kares

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

One of the biggest problem in pedigree dogs is that people try to make very simple things very difficult. I would say best way to get top results is to keep it simple. Dog breeding is logical and hard work. How to keep it simple? What things are the key to the top results?

1. First of all do study your breed carefully. Before you start to breed. Do decide the few most important things that you want to protect in your breed.

2. What are the most important things for your breed in temperament. Why? Find such dogs and protect the good temperament in your breeding. These dogs are easy to live with and easy to travel with. But they need to have their own will too.

3. How should your breed move and why? Remember the good movement is the key to sound dog. If the dog do not move well – you do not need it. Always keep the big picture in mind.

4. What makes the type? Do select few most important things that makes the breed special. Remember few things only. Name them and if asked you know what they are. Respect those details and follow that logical line generation after generation. Forget the trends and fashions. Follow your own heart and be loyal.

5. Pedigree dog must be healthy, sound and vital. They breed easily and they live easily. If the life with your dog is difficult do not use that for breeding. Easy life and easy breeding is the key to good quality breeding. Do not let other people to decide are your dogs good for breeding or not.

6. Vital and healthy dog lives without medical help and medicines. Life should be long enough. Make sure your dogs can live long enough life. Make sure you do not use dogs for breeding that need extra medicare. Remember this: Good, happy and healthy dogs eat well. If the dog have problems with eating. Do never use it for breeding. Simple as that.

7. Good combinations produce good puppies and bad combinations produce bad puppies. Learn from the good and avoid the bad. If you produce bad combinations too often. Quit breeding. Breeding is a talent. You either have that talent or not.

8. Listen the smart other breeders and mentors with proven and respected results. Do not pay attention to jealous people with no proven results of know how.

9. Make always sure your life is easy with the dogs that you have – this is only way to breed dogs for generations.

10. See the world eyes wide open. Keep your mind open and learn from the best. Use the very best for breeding no matter who is the owned. Avoid narrow mind in any cost. Be critical and remember: “Rubbish is rubbish no matter what”.  See your own dogs as critical as other people dogs. Get rid of the rubbish in all times.

Keep dog breeding simple. This way you have the better future.

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