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Ten Stud Dog Rules. - By Juha Kares

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Over the Years I have used many stud dogs for breeding from all over the World. Finally after 35 years I have some kind of “rules.”  Which I think are a must if you want to find a really great producer. Here are some of my tips how to recognize and find a good stud dog:

  1. Stud dog must have a great mum who is a really good producer herself.

  2. Ideally stud dog comes from big and healthy litter.

  3. This stud dog has good quality brothers and sisters too.

  4. Stud dog is full of power and there something about him – the charisma is there.

  5. Stud dog makes a great big picture – you can easily draw & visualize his outline and shape. Do not get lost to “tiny details or picking faults” of unimportant things. 

  6. Stud dog must have very strong libido and mating itself is piece of cake for him.

  7. Stud dogs lives easy life  & hopefully any medication is not needed in his life.

  8. His parents are alive and well or they had a long life. Stay away from dogs who do not live easily over 10 years. 

  9. This stud dog you found has not been used all too much.

  10. You just know deep inside :  THIS IS IT. Without this feeling don´t do it. 

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