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  • Juha Kares

We need more imagination in the world of pedigree dogs. - By Juha Kares

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

There is too many fake beliefs out there. There is too much negative energy and too many fights between the breeders and breed fanciers. Working toward same goal is what we all should do. Wellbeing of the breeds and pedigree dogs  is most important. There must be room for different ways of doing things. There should be more imagination. This hobby must move forward and face the reality as it is 2012. We need new young people to get involved. How do we do that? How do we make the world of pedigree dogs more interesting?

First of all we need positive attitude and positive publicity. We should tell how wonderful the pedigree dogs are. There is so much serious work done for betterment of the pedigree dogs. Serious breeders around the world are taking health an

d mental issues more seriously than ever before. Lot of money and work has been used to build up healthier future. Some mistakes has been done in the past but education is the key. The risks of inbreeding and too much linebreeding are issues that most breeders are aware already. In Sacandinavian coutries at least the amount of information, research and education is higher than ever before. Breed clubs and breeders do take the issues very seriously and so much has been done in past couple of decades.

We need good size populations in each and every breed to secure the good future of the breed. Therefore different breeds do need breeders and dogs. If everyone just try to breed as little as possible there is not gene pool large enough in the future. If everything is neutered and not much is bred there will not be healthy future. Smart litters are needed. Of course pure rubbish will not help the situation. There will be very limited and narrow road to go if there is not good material to work with.

This way also new people are not getting in the hobby. Breed circles are often getting older and older around the world. We need more serious young people to get involved.  These people need guidance and good dogs to start with. Pessimistic and almost aggressive behavior against young people is very harmful. Older breeders and breed fanciers should give their time and energy to young people. Older breeders have of course always freedom to use the energy to the ones they believe in. You do not need to trust everyone but something is for sure wrong if you do not trust any young one at all.  Too often you can hear how older breeders just talk bad about younger generation or shut their doors for beginners as they are not serious enough. They will not become serious and smart without guidance. The best guidance is often top quality dog.

Big kennels are more or less history and there is not many out there. In modern times and modern society is not very easy to keep large kennels anymore. In Scandinavia it is almost imposible. New methods and new ways of gathering dogs to one breeding program is needed. This means team work and co-operation. Breeders should take these things very seriously and develop their social skills. This is only way to build up effective and talented team. Often other breeders are very jealous about other breeders' teams. Why are they? Often the reason is because they can´t build up one by themselves. In Finland the recent most successful kennels are based on team work. I do believe that is the future of the breeding. Dogs can have better life, there is more energy and money to be used as there is so much more resources as people are doing it together. This is usually also more fun. People enjoy doing things together. Learn about tram work. Use your imagination and look around. There most likely are people near you that you can work closely with. Team always start with one and then grows larger if the breeder is clever and socially talented.

We need more imagination also in breeding. Importing and exporting is easier than ever. Internet makes the world smaller. International co-operation is a must. We need new material to work with. We must be ready to give and take the very best. This is only way to secure the quality of our pedigree dogs in the future. Vitality needs new imports and new material to work with. Outcrosses are a must every now and then. With some breed´s even cross-breedings are and will be a must. Breeders must walk eyes wide open. If the situation with one breed is hopeless, why not try to find way out from the other breed? This is the case with breeds with very small gene pool. Breeds like lowchen will need the cross sooner or later otherwise there is no way out. With larger breeds we do not need mix the breeds. We need imagination and we need positive good spirit to keep this hobby alive and well.

Most important thing is the open mind and positive attitude. Let´s work together and let´s build up better future together. There is room for everyone and we all should concentrate most of all how we do things ourselves.

Team work is the key. Imagination is needed if you want to build up a great team. We need new ways of doing things in the world of pedigree dogs. Otherwise this hobby will die out.

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