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What is strategic Partnership in dogs? - By Juha Kares

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Strategic Partnership is a term that is not used much in pedigree dogs. Unfortunately dog breeding is often far behind the overall development of the society in general. I must say that I feel there is often lack of imagination in dog breeding. In dog World we should learn new methods from the outside World to survive and develop. Finnish breeder´s have been much more creative than in many other countries. One of the secret´s in succesfsul Finnish & Swedish dog breeding is strategic Partnership. I have been one of the pioneers in this field with some other breeder´s born in 1960´s in Scandinavia. We have used this method with best of results. What is strategic Partnership in breeding?

Strategic Partnership in business World means customer relationship that goes much deeper than traditional selling and buying act. Often in the World of pedigree dogs the beginning of relationship is also selling and buying a puppy. That is not really very clever. The breeder should keep the eyes open.  Breeder should evaluate the new families with greatest of care. I feel breeder should be like a scanner person. Who should evaluate where there is potential. Most of my strategic Partners have been just usual puppy buyers at the beginning.

It is breeder´s role to activate the people. It is breeder´s role to find the potential. I feel that every breeder meets potential new active people every now and then.  It is too few breeders who can “set the potential on fire”.  It is often the children of the families that are the best to motivate. As a breeder I do follow new families and personalities that are having puppies from me with greatest of care. First thing is to let these people to have nice puppy. Then you activate them slowly and surely. You must tell how nice the puppy is. Then you motivate them to come to a dog show or other activities. That is the beginning of strategic Partnership.It is a breeder who must realize to be a coach. It is a breeder who should realize this is hobby is not individualist but a team work.

Some of these people really fall in love their dogs and breeds. Most of them are not interested of breedeing. These are the people that breeder´s should get in to their team. These are people that you start to train and take in. You share your secrets and strategies. These people become often very loyal. In my breeding these people are the foundation of my breeding. We own dogs together, we plan together, we laugh together, we combine dogs together and we learn together. This is the key in strategic Partnership. You as a breeder need them and these people need you. The average breeder owner relationship turns over the years in strategic Partnership. It is a win win situation.

With this method you can have so much more dogs in your breeding. With this method usual people can get their hands to so high class pedigree dogs that would not be possible without the trust and shared strategies. With this method both breeder and families gain so much more information and most of all resources. With strategic Partnership your life is also much more fun. Breeder must be open and act like he or she really is. This attract alike people to work with you. My keywords are positive attitude, perfectionism, enjoying the life and respecting/loving the dogs. People with same values can become my strategic Partners and together we can do so much more.

I feel the main role in strategic Partnerships in dog breeding is finding the right people to work with you in breeding. However strategic Partnership is also much more. Strategic Partnership is also very serious and intensive International co-operation between the best breeders around the World. I have realized it is almost impossible to turn relationships between breeders inside the one country  with the same breed to strategic Partnership. It does not simply work very easily. However you can find strategic Partners from other breeds inside the same country. However you must be able to find strategic Partners from you own breed Internationally. I feel this is a must in modern breeding. This means top breeders share their knowledge and best dogs Internationally.

The most important terms in strategic Partnership is loyalty. You must share what you have and that makes you interesting. Lazy or stupid breeder is not very interesting for a long time. This means the breeder must develop and learn new things all the time. So he has something to offer all the time. This knowledge and top quality dogs are the reason people are interested in you. People need you and you need the people. You trust and they trust. This turns to strategic Partnership. Strategic Partnership is also social thing. Remember always to use so little money as possible. With most people I co-operate with strategic Partnership method we do not use money at all. It is the money that usually cause trouble.  You need also to spent quality time together. You are a bit under your both skins. This is strategic Partnership and I do feel this is the future of the modern dog breeding. Together you can achieve so much more like so many breeders´s specially in Finland and Sweden have done with this method.

This is strategic Partnership in real World at its best. My neighbor Sanna. Young talented Finnish girl who turned out to be my right hand with lhasas. Young talented man Tapio from Helsinki who wanted a show lhasa. Michael from Denmark who is World class American cocker spaniel breeder. We became friends because he and his wife Lotte have same values. Morten who was a new lhasa person in Norway many years ago. I shared my best ones with him and his wife. He turned to be one of the best lhasa breeder´s now in Scandinavia and we still co-operate. We all are strategic Partners. Loving our dogs, learning together and sharing the knowledge and dogs together. Here my friends & strategic Partners are winning BEST in SHOW breeder´s Group in major Danish International dog show. This is what strategic Partnership is all about. 

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