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What to Keep in Mind when Line Breeding? - By Juha Kares

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

People do line-breed a lot. That is a great and traditional breeding method if you know what to do. Do also remember line-breeding is only one method and out-cross is needed as well. Out-cross breeding if used as type-breeding can be much better producing even type than line-breeding. However then you need to know how to breed type to type. What to keep in mind if line-breeding?

1. Make sure you do know the dog you are line-breeding to. Make sure you know what is or was his/her quality of life. How long did this dog parents live? How many sisters this dog has and how are they? Speak with the person who had this dog you are line-breeding to?

2. The dog you are line-breeding to must have super strong temperament. There really should not be mental issues with the dog you are doubling in the pedigree.

3. Why are you line-breeding to this individual. You must have rational and clear reasons. Point out minimum of five good reasons why are you line-breeding to this specific dog.

4. How many other pedigrees there is that someone has line-bred this same individual. If there is more than 5-10 pedigrees around the world line-bred the same dog. Ask yourself what is the point this time. What makes this pedigree worth repeating the same idea.

5. Do remember trying to produce something unique and different as line-breeding. Do line-breed to healthy, strong stock that you admire above all. If the dog you are line-breeding do not represent you something out of ordinary strong, vital and impressive. Do not line-breed.

6. Always as you line-breed you can be quite sure the temperament & vitality will get a bit weaker specially if you do continue the line-breeding too much. You will also double the weakness and hidden problems of the dog you are line-breeding to. They may be problems that no-one has idea about.

7. Line-breeding can be very useful help in breeding but this method should not take over.

8. There has been too much line-breeding in the past. If line-breeding now-a-days the reasons must be right.

9. As producing the line-breeding litter you should have an idea how to continue with puppies in the future generations.

10. As and if the line-bred litter is born. See the outcome as a whole. One great super star do not mean that this litter was wort of it. See litter as whole. If there are other major problems, lack of vitality or temperament weakness in the litter. This litter was not worth of it. Be critical and honest to yourself as judging the litter.

Be critical with line-breeding. Do remember line-breeding can be a matter of gamble. You do not know if getting lot of aces or the opposite. This is specially if you do not know enough about the dogs you are line-breeding to.

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